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Autism Info, Resources, & Therapies

A Holistic Approach To Understanding And Healing Autism, ASD, & Related Developmental Disorders

Welcome! Those seeking therapy, coaching, and consultations for assisting with autism/ASD recovery may contact Jed Shlackman, LMHC, C.Ht. at (305) 259-0013. Before calling please read the contents of this page and educate yourself about autism/ASD and holistic approaches to treatment and healing.

By thoroughly examining this topic, it is intended that the public may become aware of the information and resources described below concerning patterns of functioning that have been labeled as autism and other autistic spectrum disorders.

- There appears to be a pattern of dysfunction related to ancestral family psychosocial issues that gets passed down through the mother's lineage (mitochondrial DNA) to create a vulnerability to neurological impairment triggered by environmental exposures. Genetic corruption appears to play a significant role in autism/ASD, and researchers such as Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sol Luckman have generated theories and data to explain how vaccinations may foster the genetic corruptions and the body's disorder-provoking methods of attempting to neutralize the compromised cells. One psychosocial therapy that has been used to assist in healing ancestral issues is family constellations therapy, which can address issues over multiple generations using psychodrama and role play

- Autism has been described by some researchers as a situation where there is an overly "masculine" imprint on the brain and lack of certain feminine qualities that foster social connection and emotional awareness. Autism prevalence is much higher among boys, which suggests that males have a higher vulnerability to these issues since they are strong in masculine qualities but not in feminine qualities. Since we all need to develop both masculine and feminine qualities, the impairment of the more feminine traits of nurturing, empathy, and social connection makes it difficult for the autistic individuals to share their strengths with society. According to Dr. Boyd Haley, there is research that has shown how testosterone heightens vulnerability to mercury toxicity, which is one biological factor that helps explain why boys are much more susceptible to conditions such as autism and ADHD.

- One interesting case that Jed has become aware of involves a dramatic recovery from autism in a child who received stem cell treatment. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can access programs to create any cell form in the body - they can tune in to the genetic blueprint that exists beyond any pattern of genetic corruption, and there are ways we can all enhance our natural stem cell production.

Existing research shows how DNA is merely an interface between fields of information and conscious to interact with the biophysical realm. Consciousness regulates genetic patterns and genetic expression rather than DNA/genetics being the causal level of these patterns. The field of epigenetics, widely discussed in Dr. Bruce Lipton's The Biology Of Belief and the new film The Living Matrix, contributes a much broader understanding of the role of genes in life processes than the outdated genetic theories that still dominate much of medical research focus.

- One prevalent trigger for autistic spectrum disorders has been childhood vaccinations. The number of shots children receive has increased dramatically in recent decades, in concert with an exponential increase in autism cases - non-vaccinated populations do not show the rapid rise in autism that has occurred in vaccinated populations. Unbiased research has shown significant connections between vaccines and autism, as well as mechanisms for how the vaccines trigger the metabolic problems in the body.

- Although mercury thimerosal used as a vaccine preservative has been the publicized focus of explaining how vaccines may trigger autism, it is just one of multiple factors present in administering vaccines that is a common hazard. Other vaccine ingredients are also toxic compounds that can foster disease when the body fails to detoxify these substances. Additionally, there is substantial evidence that vaccines sometimes trigger autoimmune reactions which impair digestive processes and cause other types of damage in the body. Autistic children are often unable to break down milk and wheat proteins, causing those foods to become toxic to them and trigger brain impairment. For that subset of autistics, major improvement occurs with a gluten free/casein free (GFCF) diet. Other gastro-intestinal disturbances are also common and are consistent with known biological issues involving the "gut-brain" connection. Poor digestion leads to a variety of nutritional imbalances that are very common with autistic children. Juvenile diabetes is also becoming more prevalent and may be triggered by autoimmune damage to the insulin producing gland in the pancreas.

- Electromagnetic fields appear to be a significant factor in autism, and with the proliferation of smart meters, WiFi, cell phones, tablets, and other modern EM radiation sources, those who are sensitive are experiencing major adverse effects. Dr. Klinghardt has provided good suggestions for reducing EMF exposure.

- Effective treatments for autism have included diets that restrict foods which the individual has an allergic or toxin-producing response to. Also, enzyme and probiotic supplementation to help rebuild natural digestive functioning. Chelation and nutritional aids to detoxification of heavy metals from the body have helped many improve or even recover from autism. Oxygen therapy and Infrared light therapies have also assisted with the detoxification process.

- Sensory Integration & therapies that help children become grounded physically and connected socially can help ameliorate autistic tendencies. On a soul level/energetic level, children with autism and other common neuro-developmental challenges are typically very sensitive and not well-grounded to the physical reality of Earth and human society. They are easily overwhelmed and unable to cope with their environment.

- The only mechanism they have developed to cope with the fear/anxiety that arises within them is to retreat into their internal reality and non-physical frequencies. As part of this retreat from their social surroundings they may also engage in repetitive behaviors to calm and soothe themselves. These children are actually potentially quite gifted in certain areas and may be able to access intuitive information and awareness more easily than the norm. Their hypersensitivity needs to be balanced by helping them be more grounded. Stabilizing their energy fields with energetic therapies and helping them develop a feeling of safety in their environment will help to alleviate autistic tendencies. Once these children become grounded and better connected with their social environment they will have much to share with society since they are naturally tapped in to higher realms of information and consciousness. As we help them they will be able to help us, contributing insights and ideas to our society that will help us break out of old dysfunctional patterns and paradigms.

- Many children with autism, aspergers, ASD, and ADD/ADHD are identified by intuitives and metaphysicians as "indigo," "crystal," or "rainbow" children due to the distinct appearance of their energy fields. They are seen as wayshowers for our planetary society's future. Yet, just as they have much to show others, there are things they need to learn and integrate to help them grow and evolve toward greater balance. Their gifts to society will be extremely limited if the symptoms of their impaired adjustment to Earth civilization are merely suppressed with drugs and superficial behavioral therapies. They need true healing help and guidance to assist them in fulfilling their potential.

- Other beneficial therapies include energetic allergy/food sensitivity clearings (such as NAET, NMT, NET, EFT, and other techniques), craniosacral therapy, reiki/energy healing, and transpersonal/psychic/shamanic healing to resolve soul and ancestral patterns that have contributed to the current condition. Stephanie Marohn's book on autism covers this very wide spectrum of biomedical and holistic therapeutic interventions, and is a highly recommended read.

- Neither the government authorities nor pharmaceutical industry have any interest in acknowledging the medical and environmental hazards which are contributing to autism... the government is responsible for promoting these hazards through compulsory vaccination laws and does not wish to recompense those who believe they have been harmed - there is a relatively modest federal fund which has paid out for a limited amount of claims, as any excuse to attribute vaccine injury to some other cause is typically offered by medical personnel and the government. Drug companies would be exposed to massive litigation if the government and medical research community admitted the injurious nature of vaccines... also, if people stopped using vaccines and became healthier the drug companies would lose profits and maybe not even be able to afford to lobby or financially influence government officials to support their business interests or to shower doctors with gifts to entice them to prescribe their products. I share this information and these views due to my certainty of the overall accuracy of these resources and committment to sharing truth rather than being accepted or approved by the medical establishment. Your health and your child's health is more important to me than my status in the mainstream health care system or my financial gain. I encourage everyone to research the relevent topics themselves - there are many resources listed below that can be explored by any layperson or healthcare provider. It is actually well known that scientific and medical research fields are heavily influenced by fraud and unscientific practices that serve financial pressures and professional egos rather than a search for truth - and many of those who engage in the corrupt practices are in denial about their own unethical behavior even while they tend to report seeing others doing it. Thus, we have a duty to ourselves to question scientific and professional censensus and examine contrasting viewpoints and information so that we can draw our own conclusions without coercion.

- Throughout history it has been heretics who fuel progress. Those with views that challenge the existing doctrines and consensus are often those who are not afraid to question assumptions and who are able to see things from a more complete perspective than most others. Our society faces challenges generated by the level of consciousness that has created those problems. To heal or resolve the issues that face us we must rise to a higher level of understanding and consciousness - to paraphrase Albert Einstein, we can't solve problems from the level of thinking that created them. You each have the right to your own opinion, and as Benjamin Franklin once stated, "if everyone is thinking alike then no one is thinking."

- Denial of inconvenient truths is not a solution, it only leads to further suffering and dysfunction. In order to progress we have to accept responsibility for what we have created and learn from the consequences. If we are afraid of facing the implications of unpleasant facts then we are powerless to foster change. We are given the opportunity to forgive ourselves and others for any perceived errors or misdeeds and then shift our focus to the present where we have the power to take action to promote healing.

This page is created by Jed Shlackman, LMHC, who is a mental health counselor and holistic healthcare practitioner in the Miami, Florida area. Jed offers consultations and therapies to help support healing for autism and many other health concerns. The information on this page and on any links provided is for educational purposes and does not constitute medical advice or replace the care provided by your physician or other qualified health care providers. Please discuss your specific cases or concerns with your health care provider.

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