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Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC, C.Ht. - Testimonials

Jed Shlackman is an experienced holistic therapist and healer based in the Miami, Florida area. Jed provides a variety of individual, family, and group counseling and healing services including various mind/body and energetic healing therapies. Jed is a highly knowledgeable and talented holistic health specialist, presenting services based upon a very deep, comprehensive understanding of processes governing health and wellness. Below are some testimonials from clients and students.

Facebook Reviews

"Thank you so much for your gift of Reiki, friendship, and knowledge. We'll be eternally grateful!"
- V.R. & M.B.

"I don't think the words exist to thank you for your help during that difficult time for myself. I know with my whole being that the journey to myself could not have been accomplished (or at least started) without your kind help... I am supremely happy and think how grateful I am for your help and guidance, and how humbled I am by your generosity of spirit and courage."
- P.L.

"Jed Shlackman revitalized my metabolic system thru Reiki energy work. I would show up depressed and depleted. With the "energy work" I could "function" again. Jed also worked with hypnosis on me and the very effective NMT ( Which reprogrammed my thought patterns). Now subconsciously it is "natural" for me exercising and easily doing portion control I naturally eat only half of what I used to. I have naturally without effort lost and kept off about 20 pounds from 187 to 168 ... I am revitalized and energized. My doctor is amazed at my accelerated progress. They don't know Jed Shlackman is my secret weapon."
- L.M.

"I loved how I felt after a Reiki session with Jed, and I would *highly* recommend him. He is a true jewel among many gray stones."
- A.S.

"You would not believe the progress I have made since my [hypnosis] session with you..."
- F.H.

"Thank you, Jed, for a "powerful" session today!"
- A.B.

"Thanks Jed for a remarkable session yesterday."
- P.Q.

"Jed, i wanted to tell you that i have so much confidence in my test taking that i'm doing much better thank you!"
- R.M.

"Very Interesting and Unique [regression] experience... Loved it... you are extraordinary ;-)"
- B.A.

"Hi Jed,
Just wanted to say thank you for today I really feel so much better...
I still have not gotten over the sensation of the crystal on my forehead, that was intense. You really have a special gift and I appreciate your knowledge, compassion and help.
Hope to see you again soon."
- M.U.

"At a time when I felt the world caving in on me you came along as an answer to my prayers. Your encouraging words and wise counsel renewed my spirit and helped me on my way to healing and recovery."
- E.C.

"Hi Jed, I just wanted to tell you the positive results from our session. The negative dream that I had been having for 15-20 years is gone! Thanks so much for your help!"
- L.C.

"I feel so much lighter right now... the words you used were so important to me. You said exactly what I needed to hear about trust, confidence, and having courage to know things will be okay... if it wasn't for your help with reiki, I don't know if I would have been able to finish the semester because when I came to you I was so anxious. Those sessions you gave me helped me let go of a lot of the anxiety I was carrying and really because of that I know I was able to finish the semester. Thank you so much."
- Veronica Suarez

"Jed Shlackman has gifted abilities of integrating the modern and ancient healing art of mental health counseling with the multiple facets of energy medicine. His complete openness of all possibilities regarding health care puts him on the cutting edge of today's health care model which has been emerging from the demand of people to learn how to take responsibility for their own health care situations. I was fortunate to meet Jed at a Neuromodulation Therapy Seminar. What I love most about Jed's head is that he is a thinker of his own thoughts. He has mass quantities of information he has studied from multiple sources, but he has the ability to analyze it with his intelligent mind rather than regurgitating information that we see in the typical medical models of today. Jed and I exchange "what ifs" in our meetings for exchanging energy work - it is very stimulating and his positive presence is a healing within itself. His energy work and hypnosis has been extremely beneficial to me. He also has a way of empowering me by not allowing me to give away my power...cannot cop out on myself."
- Anita Hale, LMT, CST

"Even though Jed Shlackman is one of the most intelligent individuals I know, his wisdom surpasses his knowledge. Jed has so many gifts to share... With his calm, sweet nature he has the ability to bring peace and healing to any setting, which is a beautiful addition to the skilled work he does as a Reiki Master, Regression Therapist and Counselor. I would recommend a session with Jed to all those that desire to experience a wonderful journey of self-discovery, healing and positive transition."
- Damaris Cruz, Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master & LMT

"Jed has a very sensitive and grounded presence. He is very open and patient. I know Jed for 3 years and I am always impressed with the depth of his work. He is a reliable healer that I completely trust. Jed has been a great support for me during my weight loss journey; he helped me understand what was behind my struggle to lose weight and start to heal it."
- Salome Torres

"When I initially met Jed I knew he was unlike anyone I had ever met. The warmth and kindness that emanated from him was very evident. I soon began to trust him and shortly thereafter started my journey towards an open heart and a peaceful mind with him as my guiding force. I had been in clinical psychotherapy for over twenty years. I had taken almost every psychotropic drug available. I suffered from severe depression, severe anxiety, suicidal tendencies, debilitating obsessive compulsive disorder, migraines, insomnia, type two diabetes, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, nerve damage in my hands and feet, and fibromyalgia. I suffered from low self esteem and paranoid thoughts. I was taking over nineteen pills a day for all of these ailments. Jed used a variety of holistic modalities over a period of time. We had several past life regression sessions, and we had many sessions where he did a technique called deep emotional release energy work. Jed used Reiki as a way of unblocking my chakras, as well as very meaningful dialog techniques. As I learned to view my life with a different perspective I began to lose the need for the medications. It seemed as though as I was letting go of my emotional pain I was also letting go of the need for the physical ailments. I understand now that physical illness is most likely a result of some type of past trauma. Today I am happy to say that I am currently taking only two medications. It is my goal to be off all medications by the end of the year. I am now a happy, well adjusted, fully functioning person. Thank you Jed" - Alicia S.

"At age 12 while in School, a mentally unstable boy in my class stabbed me in a certain region with a fork. I forgot all about this event entirely for various reasons, one of these being I have a heightened level of emotional intelligence, which, among other things, automatically (innately) causes me to forgive others. However, over the years, I would notice certain feelings of discomfort in that area, now and again, when stressed. When Jed offered a trial session of Emotional Release Technique, I thought, well, though I've forgotten about this incident as respects the emotional pain associated with it, perhaps the initial "scared, shocked, hurt related painful emotions" are trapped in that region of my body. As a healer myself for 21 years, I had been preventing, and thus--maintaining--using a certain natural remedy for many years, but when under stress, I would note the discomfort cropping up again. So, I called Jed, explained my situation, asked what he thought, he gave me full confidence what I had, injury and related memory-wise, would make me a great candidate for being someone who would benefit from his treatment. So, hubby in tow, off we both went that afternoon to Jed's office. He would perform what some might not fully "get" is, indeed, a highly logical, symbolic, and otherwise emotionally releasing technique, consisting of several "rituals" if you will, over the span of about half an hour. Flawless. Painless. Highly relieving. In truth, since the treatment, I am also using the above stated natural preventative treatment, but the clearly evident difference I have noted is that I do not get any discomfort BETWEEN night time treatments, which I use only while sleeping! So, all day long, no matter what my otherwise rewarding day brings, there is no more discomfort! Thanks, Jed!...
- In gratitude, Kat Elder"

"I want to thank you Jed for an uplifting experience last night! You are a pure Genius. You took away what I thought I would carry for the rest of my life! You made me numb to the things that use to make me cry. I am definitely now in a better place where I can deal with my life and be more productive in it. For the past 44 years I have been carrying so much pain and you took it all away with the help of my spiritual guides! I am on my way to a better today and brighter tomorrow! A huuuuge hug for you and your light! You've changed my life forever, and I have you to thank for it!"
- C.M.

"Hi Jed, Just wanted to thank you for coming to facilitate the circle. I think it really opened up alot of doors for some people. At first when you said hands off healing I thought how powerful could that really be? But I saw first hand how people break down and get rid of emotional garbage. Then when it was my turn to go when you finished I couldn't believe how HOT the area was in my back where the pain was and after you finished with me the pain was gone! So I think that was a great thing. They were still talking about it after you left! THANK YOU." - Tracy Smith

"I went to see Jed when I lost my wedding rings. I could have sworn I knew where I had put them last and when they weren't there I pulled out furniture and looked everywhere. Jed used a pendulum and a floor plan of our apartment to identify which room they were in, which was not where I thought I had left them at all. Believing that my memory might have been playing tricks on me Jed then hypnotized me and took me back to the last place I had touched them, which did seem to be where I thought I had left them but not where he was sensing they were at that moment. Then through hypnosis he encouraged my intuition to provide me with an image of where they could be found. I did get a clear image which seemed odd to me but when I later looked in that location I found the rings in about 30 seconds! It turns out that I wasn't even the one who had put them there but Jed was able to help me to find them anyway. Amazing! I highly recommend Jed not only for his dowsing skills but his energy work. I have done meditation classes with him also and he has a wonderful calm presence that he is able to share and leave one feeling balanced and relaxed."
- Diane Moura (Atlantis Natural/Zen Change Inc.)

Comments from REIKI COURSES (Levels 1, 2, and 3) feedback forms:

Reiki Class Feedback On Meetup

"Information was well presented and easy to understand for a complex subject such as Healing through Reiki."

"Overall it was well presented and delivered... [the instructor was] very easy, open and inspirational."
I.S. (Mental Health Counselor)

"Course content well prepared and presented in a easy to understand method. I fully enjoyed the course and felt that I absorbed all the information very quickly...Our instructor Jed had a great energy to him; he made us feel like we were all very capable of healing ourselves"

"Very informative and hands on... Instructor gives theory and practice, well explained."

"Great, wonderful... I felt this course was fantastic because of the knowledge level Jed shared with me... casual, informative, intuitive... I appreciate the no-pressure low key yet knowledgeable style."

"Very easy to understand. Good flow of information... very personable and caring."

"It's amazing"

"Perfect!... methodical, knowledgeable, calm"

"I really like it. It was a very good experience to start learning how to manage my energy, helping myself and others."

"Content was right on track, very interesting and appealing... great presenter, very peaceful, very knowledgeable."

"I see the instructor as a very knowledgeable individual in the REIKI field... the class opens my eyes on the marvelous beauty of our surrounding nature."

"I was very impressed & actually experience energy around me."

"I found the course to be very informative."

"The class was great and very informative... the instructor was very enthusiastic and explained everything thoroughly."

"Very thorough, great teacher."

"Great, very personal, interesting, smooth, interactive."

"Well organized, and flowed... taught by a knowledgeable person."
C.D. (Massage Therapist)

"I loved it... Thanks."

"Excellent... I'm thrilled & excited"

"Great hands on learning! Information fits nicely together."

"Peaceful and awakening to one's energy"

"Informative & comprehensive but not too much at one time... enough to understand & assimilate... educational, a pleasure to attend."
S.O. (Clinical Social Worker)

"Explained everything and took the time in making sure everyone understands...very patient, knowledgeable, great energy... this is a great class that would benefit anyone... can't wait to apply and can't wait for Reiki II."

"Fascinating and fundamental - a great beginning of study... instructor was very accepting; intuitive; peaceful and gentle..."

"Well explained, clear, and easy to understand, the calm nature of the presenter made one comfortable immediately... excellent mix of visual, auditory, and tactile learning... Awesome & Amazing... Looking forward to Reiki II"

"Very good experience... it was very simple to understand. A lot of information covered but in a very harmonized way."

"The class was wonderful... I liked the individual attention, the calm style & atmosphere and instructor's healing energy."
C.V. (Physical Therapist/Craniosacral Therapist)

"Was very interesting & much information... very well explained & demo's... I loved it and looking forward to doing Reiki II & III."

"Wonderful experience...educational & inspiring, very peaceful."

"I enjoyed it (Reiki 1) thoroughly. I felt I got a richer appreciation of REIKI."
"I enjoy Jed's patience, love, and wisdom. He exudes this through his "smiling" eyes... I think the class (Reiki 2) was a "10!"

"Loved it, very hands on."

"Very interesting & intense...loved it."

"Excellent...Jed is so well is perfect...very complete."

"Peaceful relaxed setting, easy going instructor...thorough...loved it"

"Very informative in a relaxed manner."

"Very easy to grasp material. Explanations are well thought out... Jed puts everything right out on the table and no one is left behind."

"Warm and friendly. Anyone can take this class and walk away with empowerment."

"I really enjoyed the class & found it very informative. Looking forward to the 2nd class..."

"The class was great. I felt that I now understand the importance of Reiki."

"Simply presented. The content flowed nicely."

"I love the small classes; they have a personal touch...all of your questions are addressed."

"Very thorough & precise - gentleness in words spoken - feel at peace... very pleased with what I learned and looking forward to practicing."

"Highly impressed. Well prepared set-up and outline, well delivered information was thorough and useful. The instructor is amazing. Thru his passion and light it makes me as the student very open and receptive to his teaching."

"Well structured and easy to understand... I feel very empowered and thankful."
J.P. (Massage Therapist)

"Working with your own energy was amazing... thank you Jed for sharing this valuable & sacred knowledge."

"Very clear and informative... insightful and powerful...awareness blossoming to new levels."

"The class was very informative, it was everything that I had expected to learn and more. Jed is very detailed and has the ability to relate and teach in a style that is understandable and clear."

"Fantastic. Very thorough and well informed... relaxed and comfortable atmosphere."
A.B. (Psychologist)

"Very good"
C.B. (Massage Therapist)

"Very informative & easy to understand..."

"Content was presented in a simple and easy to remember way... it was very nice to allow so much time for questions and sharing of experiences."

"Jed explained things very well & answered questions w/great clarity."

"Very impressive, easy to follow, very informative... very happy with class and instructor."

"Everything was at the correct pace. The content was very clarifying... the way [Jed] explained was wonderful. Very peaceful teacher."

"Very thorough...openness, diverse techniques, willingness to explain. Good examples/exercises... I am extremely enlightened/satisfied."

"I was impressed by the way the energy can be absorbed and used as a healing technique, for others as well as ourselves."

"Soft easy flowing energy guiding people from all backgrounds, religions to intro to Reiki... Gentle, inclusive content. Beautiful "space" to practice/feel energy..."

"I loved it! I can't get enough! Fantastic."

"I had read a Beginning Reiki Book so I was familiar with the background so I came to this workshop with an open mind. It way exceeded my expectations - wonderfully presented!"

"Informative, organized, clear... Tranquil & peaceful...wonderful energy."

"The content is complete and very practical. Jed always explains in detail and with great enthusiasm to teach. Jed has a beautiful energy that makes students want to come back and or/learn more about Reiki. He's a model of what Reiki can do... I learned so much more than what I expected or that can be in a book."

"Jed's approach to his classes are always so calming & clear... Remarkable :-)"

"Excellent, deep yet simple to understand... Jed's way of sharing his knowledge is very nourishing & easy to comprehend."

"I felt great at the end and was looking forward to the next class."

"A great learning experience on many levels."

"Very clear - Demystified a lot for me."

"The seminar was very rewarding, physically & spiritually. Very informative... I am very content with the experience of tuning into my own energy and how easy it can be to develop it for Reiki healing."

"It was very pleasant and understandable... I loved it"
M.S. (Acupuncturist)

A.P. (Acupuncturist)

"It was the right amount of information to help me understand and pique my curiosity... it was great!"

"Refreshing and really practical... really good"

"The course content was very well put together... Everything was explained very well... I felt very comfortable and understood everything that was said."

"Very informative. Information was very valuable and thorough."
A.E. (Mental Health Counselor)

"Great! ... easy going, plenty of time for questions and comments."

"Very simple & easy to understand... great class... dynamic, hands on."

"Very enlightening, empowering... contained viable information for my everyday lifestyle."

"Beautiful, Peaceful, Knowledgeable, Clear..."

"Full of love & light & information in an atmosphere of exploration & allowing"

"Outstanding!!! Simple, yet so profound!!! ...more than what I thought it would be! Peaceful, happy, full of energy."
I.R. (Massage Therapist)

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