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New Paradigms In Science & Healing

Consciousness, Psycho-Energetics, Subtle Energies, & Dynamic Mind-Body Feedback Mechanisms

Have you ever wondered how many cells are in your body? Scientific estimates suggest trillions of cells make up a human body. At any moment, all these cells are carrying out life processes and acting in harmony with the many layers of cellular activity occurring in the totality of the organism. You are not at all conscious of this fantastic process as it occurs - it is happening at an other than conscious level of function. Each cell is accessing patterns of information to guide the biochemical processes that must be carried out, with this information originating at a non-physical layer of reality and being brought into the physical realm via electro-magnetic energetic activity interfacing with the frequency transducing properties of DNA. Information is recorded in non-local fields that are beyond the limits of the vibrational layers of time and space, and is carried in a fractal, holographic process, into living systems. This is a system of consciousness that creates form in order to provide a medium for experience and feedback. What is perceived as material reality is actually illusory - it is just what is observed when consciousness creates duality and vibration/movement, generating fields that condense into density levels where virtual particles and virtual form can be perceived. The material forms are reflections of imag-ination and exist only as metaphorical drops in an infinite ocean of potentiality until they are actualized through observation.

With this conceptual foundation, we can begin to understand all types of supposedly "miraculous" healing phenomena, ESP, and paranormal phenomena. Observed reality is being recreated in every moment of observation and is always reflecting movement in the realms of consciousness. Potent shifts in consciousness or potent external fields of consciousness may yield sudden "healing" shifts, where physical ailments suddenly vanish. Since the network of consciousness yielding the physical body is holographic in its functioning, pattern shifts tend to have a ripple effect; for example, an emotional release under hypnosis may cause a chronic illness to dissolve, as the change in consciousness leads to changes in the consciousness patterns that are directly guiding physiological activity. Also, an unpleasant experience may trigger a whole "chain reaction" of ailments, as consciousness and communication of information throughout one's system may be disrupted. However, disturbances in the system/network of consciousness may remain entrenched in one level of processing that is inadequately communicating with other layers/levels of this network of consciousness. Similarly, disturbances sometimes do not yield significant noticeable problems because other layers of the system are well-integrated and uninfluenced by disruption elsewhere in the system. Healing often requires a process of restoring system awareness of optimal functioning and reintegrating the system of consciousness so that the pattern or image of optimal functioning is transmitted and implemented throughout the system.

With this understanding it is possible to focus intention and linguistic communication efforts to restore this system of consciousness to its potential for balance and health. This also helps explain how energy and information-based healing modalities may assist healing and also provides an understanding of why interventions don't work all the time. Spirit, mind, and body are just different aspects of a systemic whole, a system that actually extends to a Source of Infinite Consciousness/Beingness. With this understanding, we can see that an enormous self-healing potential lies "within" each of us. It is often just a matter of accessing, assisting, and activating this psycho-energetic power through resonant stimuli, including biological, chemical, vibrational, social, and psychological inputs.

I invite each person exploring this topic to read the latest frontier science books and articles (click here to find some) to gain an enhanced understanding of the nature of consciousness, reality, creation, and existence. This information itself will transform you in whatever manner you are receptive to at the moment you receive it.

With the intent to assist the growth and evolutionary transformation of all beings within Creation,

Jed Shlackman, LMHC, C.Ht.

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